Something New for 2018


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! There’s a lot to be thankful for, and I’m really grateful that there’s one day in a year where we’re reminded to give thanks and gather all our loved ones together.

Here at YA Insider (YAI), we’re thankful for all the lovely readers, authors and publishers for all your support. In the coming year, we’re planning something for YAI that will benefit everyone with regard to these YA books that we love to read about.

So, stay tuned!

Review: Starr Gone by Kim Briggs


5 stars from Shakera Blakney!

“Please give me a second to compose myself! I was not prepared for this… I’m still trying to process! Holy crap! Sigh… *Deep breath*

This book is quite the page turner! It kept me on the edge of my seat, had me feeling a range of emotions, needing to know what happens next. The character development was outstanding!”

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Review: Refuge for Masterminds by Kathleen Baldwin

From Award Winning Author
Kathleen Baldwin
The stakes in this game of spies are life and death.

5 stars from Ashia!

“Kathleen Baldwin takes us on an amazing journey through an alternate event in history. I really love her take on historical events and the significant part young people play in the fight for freedom and peace. The story is full of adventure, and is both well-written and a delight to read…I enjoyed this story immensely!”

~ Ashia

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